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Titan XL Subwoofer Detail: 


Specifications & Features:

Suitable for custom, In-Cabinet installation? Yes, either down firing or front firing
Linear Frequency Response: 20-250Hz 3db
Volume control: Continuously Variable (Theater-Direct input bypasses volume control)
Phase: Continuously Variable 0-180 degrees
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: Continuously Variable: 35-250Hz total of 24db/octave, increasing to 36db/octave
High-Pass Outputs: Second order (12db/octave) filters fixed at 100Hz for left & right RCA, line-level outputs
Inputs: Left & Right RCA, line-level inputs for mono or stereo operation (optional Speaker Level Converters, order as accessories)
Theater-Direct Input
Dimensions: 20" H x 18 3/4" W x
18 3/4" D (End table size and appearance.) 
Weight: 82 lbs each
Construction: Cabinet built of 3/4" and 1" MDF with bracing & interlocking joints. Satin black durable finish or optional real wood veneer, or Gloss Piano Black.
Woofer: 12" down-firing, proprietary extreme long-throw cast-frame woofer with synthetic rubber surround
Amplification: High-current, all discreet U.S. built class AB amplifier (far superior quality to common Class D sub amps) with torroidal transformer delivers 250 watts RMS at less than .5% distortion. 9' attached power cord.
Bass-loading: Sealed, system Q <.6
Warranty Five years  Three years on the amplifier.
Recommended Accessories: DH Labs SubSonic cables

Other Titan XL Features Include:

The Titan XL's built in powered amplifier is designed to work in any audio or home-theater system.

 ACI Force Amp Back View             Force Amp Front 
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One of the most beautiful subs available.
Check out the available finishes.

  • The crossover guarantees a seamless match with any speaker system. If you thought you'd never find a subwoofer that would integrate perfectly with your Maggies or Quads, think again! The Titan XL will provide the bass foundation you want, while doing nothing to detract from the sound you now have.
  • Current sensing feedback loop to reduce distortion.
  • Protection circuitry senses & limits excessive input levels.
  • Bulletproof design for high output levels without worry.
  • Designed to be left on, and draws less than 10 watts at idle.
  • Amplifier module inputs & controls are mounted in the rear of the cabinet.
  • Learn more about amplifier classes
  • Bonus! The Titan XL ships with the ACI Subwoofer Setup CD at no extra charge! Much easier setup and adjustment! 
    View CD Setup Instructions



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Titan  Raves...

April,  2005

"Therefore, for the first time, I award five Blue Notes, for Excellent Value!

So think early tax refund. It is trade-up time: I am keeping this one. The Titan is a powerful performer, with good looks and valuable features. It is a solid and attractive value. "

A. Colin Flood for

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November, 2001 Positive Feedback

"Authoritative, tuneful, fast as the dickens...and priced very keenly for its performance level. Highly recommended."

Rick Gardner for Positive Feedback
Vol.9 #2 November, 2001


October, 2001 Bound for Sound

"I highly recommend the Titans, and unless I find something better soon (which I doubt), I'm keeping these. Mike, you can label the Titans "Exceptional Merit" right now."

Bound for Sound
#139, October 2001


Reviewers' Choice Award, HometheaterSound

ACI Titan receives the Reviewers' Choice Award



"So in summary, this is a great sub! For music I know of nothing that comes close for the price, and its shortcomings are those of omission, not commission - DEFINITELY the way to go with a subwoofer in my book. Fast, clean, accurate, good-looking, affordable - you can't really ask for much more." 

Marc at


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